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 "A phenomenal IllustratoR"

   Guillermo del Toro 



Client Portfolio:


P S Publishing, UK


Centipede Press, US


Valancourt Books, US


Film 4, UK


Zagava Press, Germany


SST Publications, UK


Side Real Press, UK


Cadabra Records, USA


Hellebore Zine, UK


Faunus, UK


Gothic Keats Press, UK

+044 7518 267526


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Eli John is an illustrator working from a studio in the Pendle Forest, Witch Country, Lancashire. This melancholy landscape is a worthy setting as John works predominantly within the horror genre, inspired by supernatural and weird fiction, ghost stories and gothic literature, creating dark visions of sublime beauty and unsettling psychological landscapes. He has worked for publisher's in the UK, Europe and the United States and is currently working on a dream project, illustrating a deluxe edition for none other than Stephen King. 


Praise for John's work: 

"A phenomenal illustrator"


Guillermo Del Toro

Oscar winning director

The Shape of Water, Pans Labyrinth, Crimson Peak. Nightmare Alley

"If Lucy took a wrong turn while wandering through the woods of Narnia, she might end up in Eli John’s eerily autumnal, witching-hour world of greys, golds and greens, where witches walk abroad, shadowy forms drift through the trees, and Gothic libraries are lit by flickering candlelight. Like all the best fairy tales, these spookily magical landscapes may require more than a breadcrumb trail to help you find your way out again."


Dr Elizabeth Dearnley

Editor of Into the London Fog: Eerie Tales from the Weird City and Fearsome Fairies: Haunting Tales of the Fae

The British Library

“Eli John’s artwork is a nocturnal wonder to behold. Timeless & evocative, he paints all the colours of the night world with a depth and beauty that is sometimes lost in the supernatural sphere. He dips his pen in a whorl of darkness that can never date as it is already steeped in ancient ruins and glittering decay.”


Nina Antonia
Author of Dancing with Salome, Incurable, and The Greenwood Faun

“Clay’s hallucinatory verses are perfectly matched with Eli John’s palimpsestic illustrations. In these pages, ghosts from the past populate sublime landscapes and sweep the reader off into a maelstrom of richly sensorial visions influenced by Gothic Romantic poetry.”


Maria J Pérez Cuervo
Writer, editor and founder of Hellebore magazine

Praise for john's work

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